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Henan Gaocai Education is approved by the Luoyang City Education Bureau, and the industry and Commerce Bureau records the promotion of adult education as the main business of educational institutions。Since its establishment, it has developed rapidly. As of December 2020, two campuses of Luolong and Xigong have been established, which are located in Jianye Smart Port, Luolong District, and Wangcheng International, Xigong District。There are more than 50 professional education consulting teachers and educational affairs teachers。 At present, the main business of our school is to help more people to easily improve their academic qualifications。Our school cooperates with more than 40 colleges and universities in Henan Province, more than 10 national key 985 and 211 universities, and enrol 8,000 students every year...

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More than 30 undergraduate colleges and universities in the province + 985 outside the province.211名校

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