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Tuo Wenjing, a native of Xin 'an County, Henan Province, was born in 1947. He studied since childhood. He used to practice as a private teacher, worker, doctor and economist。He has served as the township head, the township Party secretary, the county government deputy county head, the county CPPCC vice chairman, and is now the chairman of Xin 'an County Calligrapher and Painter Association。

He graduated from the School of Medicine of Henan University of Science and Technology and served as the deputy county governor in charge of education in Xin 'an County。In 1998, the county Calligraphy Association found Tuowenjing, then vice chairman of the county CPPCC, and asked him to preside over the daily work of the association。Taowen Jing gladly accept the life。When the leader was appointed, Tauwenjing followed the example of the ancients,

Organize calligraphy collection activities in the name of the county Book Association, and help Li Mengyuan and Zhang Yanru, the leaders of the new An book, regularly hold calligraphy salon activities to attract and cultivate the backbone of the love of calligraphy。

Then, Tuowenjing began to promote calligraphy in schools, put forward the slogan of "conscientiously write, dignified man", and mobilized schools to vigorously carry out calligraphy education。In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of people to practice calligraphy, the county Association often organizes calligraphy competitions and sets up awards, attracting hundreds of participants。

In July 2009, Xin 'an County won the honorary title of "Hometown of Chinese calligraphy"。In the same year, Chen Huarong and Guo Yanxing, young calligraphers from Xin 'an, won the first prize and nomination award in the most influential "Lanting Calligraphy Competition" in the country。

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